Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why Honor Services Office Sends Email Marketing

Email Marketing is probably the most engaging way to reach your audience with vital information about your business. Most people check their email at least four times daily.  Here are a few vital tips:

 Better Email MarketingStay away from Spammy Words
Promising the world and delivering nothing can be detrimental to your business. Use words that describe your product or service in a compelling way and stop being gimmicky.

Don't bother the stranger
Ask people to opt in to your email list and you will not be considered a spammer. One suggestion is to host events that you can meet your clients virtually or in person, keeping the personal engagement high.

Remain Relevant 
Be the expert in your field rather than bugging them to buy!  Show that you know what they are going through and describe how you your product or service may alleviate a problem they are facing.

Keep Valuable Metrics
We asked small business owners "How do you know what's working?" They answered "My gut tells me I'm growing." People are wasting their time with gut feel marketing. Honor Service Office provides vital metrics that tells you what your customer likes and dislikes. Use "Open" report and the "Click Thru" metrics to actually see who clicked on your email and how many times they opened it.

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