Monday, December 24, 2012

Resume Writers… It’s virus season!

You have a package so the United States Postal Service decided to send you an e-mail about it. Also, you have a new electronic fax and you don’t even have an e-fax service. Or, my favorite… I’m trapped in <insert country> and I need <insert amount>.

Resume Writers and other small businesses who receive a lot of e-mail tend to be vulnerable to the rising attacks. I know this is picking up because this is my number one question this week.

What are they after?

·         Identify Theft – The golden prize is access to your financials. Technology has made it easy to do banking, investing and purchasing so a carefully placed “sniffer” virus can track use of your credit card or password on unprotected sites.
·         Jump Off’s – Spammers are looking for e-mail addresses to propagate their scheme, scam or virus. They have written worms to crawl through your contact list
·         Validation – Thieves are checking to see if you are home by getting you to respond to e-mail’s. They desire to use valid accounts to do their dirty work.

How they work

·         Viruses attach themselves to programs. Every time you use the program it propagates itself or destroys the operating system.
·         E-mail viruses are after your contact list to further spread destruction.
·         Worms look for vulnerabilities in your wireless network to spread to every computer attached.
·         Trojan Horses are fake software, usually free, that says it will do one thing but does damage.

What to do right now

·         Backup your files – Spend the cash and purchase an external hard drive. Disk space is far less expensive than losing your clients’ resumes.

·         Windows users make a bootable virus scan CD – This enable you to scan your entire computer before the virus has a chance to load.

·         Check websites before you visit them – Google has a Safe Browsing tool that has been around for a few years.

o< Your site name>

o   Example:

·         Report Spam – Forward unwanted or deceptive messages to the Federal Trade Commission at  Be sure to include the complete spam email.

o   Do not call registry / International Spam

Here is my 2012 list of e-mail scams

10. Complaint Report - looks like it’s from Better Business Bureau really from
9. A new Account is Available – from Ameriprise
8. Dating Unread Messages – from
7. Order Inqiury – from various and YES it is misspelled
6. ACH [Miscellaneous number] Transaction Rejected (made me look!)
5. WU urgent action needed – looks like it’s from Western Union really from
4. You have a new fax [24 pages] – looks like it’s from Rapidfax but I cannot determine the source.
3. jConnect Fax [28 pages] – Looks like it’s from the “Fraud department” at the IRS but I cannot determine the source.
2. Confidential to all Employees – Looks like it came from MY company!
1. Wire Released – Looks like it came from Said I had $160K

All of these e-mails had attachments and embedded links that can be catastrophic to your computer. Do not unsubscribe or click on any link unless you are absolutely sure you know the source!

Have a safe Holiday!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Take Three Tablets and grow your business!

Smartphone, Tablet, Mini Tablet, Android™, Windows™, Apple-OS™, Nexus 4™,  Nexus 7™,  Nexus 10™, , Microsoft Surface™,  IPad™,  IPad Mini™  and IPhone™ sounds like language from nerd weekly.  These clever gadgets have us mesmerized.  Last week I watched someone almost walk into traffic looking at their smartphone.

What makes us buy them? Is it status? Is it acceptance from our peers? I don’t know, but I really, really like my smartphone!

Okay I’m a “Droid” person. I like the number of apps developed for the Operating System and Google is trying to take over the world. BUT… I am interested in the new Surface Tablet.  Tablets are mostly used to read content or to use an app but they are rarely used to “produce” content.

Photoshop and other content development apps do not run on smartphones or tablets. Microsoft Surface is leaning toward being the only tablet that will run full blown applications to develop content.  It runs full versions of Office now, but I’m going to wait.

What do these clever little gadgets mean to your coaching business?
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Apps I like for coaches
I won’t go into all 600,000 apps today, just a few that coaches’ access from their smartphones and tablets.

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet! Most of the coaches I know have a Twitter account and they have a following who desires to hear from them.  They attend conferences, workshops and other special gatherings and state meaningful observations to their crowd. Mobile twitter is a decent app for your following.

Mobile Facebook
Having a Facebook page for the business is vital. I have seen coaches respond the moment a person “likes” their page.  They use their smartphone to contact them with a “thank you” to increase the strength of the relationship.

Google GPS
Okay I tried to stay neutral but I love the Google Android “Free” GPS. It is by far the best I have ever used. Coaches rely on this great tool but it limits your conversation if you leave the voice commands on.

Cloud Print by Paulo Fernandes
I quickly added my 6 year old wireless printer (that is not ePrint enabled) to Google’s Cloud Print app.  Within seconds I was able to print from my phone to my office printer from anywhere in the world! To add more printers I simply log into the local wireless network and any printers that are available are added to my list. (Requires Google Chrome and Google Account)

Battery Notifier (Big Text) by SHKIL/LARRYVGS
Battery life is extremely important to me and this battery meter tells me when I am running low without having to go and check the status. It places a percentage number conveniently in my status bar on my phone and I can manage when to charge my phone.  By the way, I let my battery run all the way out before I plug it in, preserves its life.

Believe it or not, it’s a phone. Coaches please protect your phone with some outer skin that can take abuse. Public service… Be safe on the road! Many coaches have thrown away the blue tooth devices and have traded them in for the tangle-less headsets. Many of the phones are voice activated. I rarely use this feature out of courtesy to people around me and noise.

Show Phone Courtesy. Please figure out how to turn off your screen before holding the phone to your face to avoid touch tones! Mute your phone on conference calls. Stay in your car during that important call. I have seen coaches get a bit relaxed and continue to conduct business during their convenience store transaction.