Monday, October 27, 2014

FEATURED - Nickquolette Barrett (Chief Resume Writer & Interview Coach)

By: Stan Washington

Tiny Interview - Nickquollette Barrett, Chief Resume Writer / Interview  Coach
 Is your client information safe?
Stan: Nickquollette please tell me about yourself and your services.

Nickquollette: I specialize in people salesmanship wherein I create personal marketing plans taking people from job applicant status to a rockin' career candidate. I craft resumes, cover letters, professional bios, and prep. candidates for interviews. 

In addition, I coach in all areas of career development and career enhancement. My ideal client include all levels of career seekers. I always say, a well-written resume and cover letter gets you the interview and a well-prepared interview gets you the job!

Stan: What advice would you give business owners?

Nickquollette: Brand your company to match the personality, product and processes of your business. Our Brand is I Rock Resumes and we make our clients feel like rock stars. Every process we have is geared toward elevating our clients to the level of confidence they need to land the job. We also looked at the “Rock” as a foundation for a very strong resume.

Branding is something you have to live with so choose wisely. Do your research to see if the name is available. Keep in consideration how you want to treat your customers and you will do well.

Nickquollette can be reached at: l 
(469) 666-0753

Monday, October 20, 2014

FEATURED - Juan Marcos (Author - HR Consultant / Leadership Coach)

By: Stan Washington

Tiny Interview - Juan Marcos, Author 

Stan: Juan please tell me about yourself and your new book.
 Is your client information safe?
Juan: We assist on Human Resources Policies and Practices, We also provide "effective leadership coaching." I'm the author of Warriors at the Helm: A Leader's Guide to Success in Business that outlines my perspectives on the traits that make leaders effective. The book is available at, and

Stan: What advice would you give business owners?

Juan: Regardless of your business people are the engine and the catalyst to success. Hiring right, acculturating effectively and treating and rewarding people the right way is essential for any enterprise to prosper and grow. You can have the best products and business model in the world but without committed people to your business and to execute your strategies most will die on the vine.

Juan can be reached at:

JCMarcos Consulting (email:   Phone: 303-915-0572)

Monday, October 13, 2014

FEATURED - Advice from Small Business Owner Mary Konow

By: Stan Washington

Tiny Interview - Mary Konow, M.S., GCDF

Stan: Mary please tell me about yourself and your business.
 Market Your Business Affordably
Mary: As the owner and career coach for MK Career Designs, I prepare job seekers and proactive professionals for success through empowering Career Coaching, effective career documents and strategic LinkedIn Profile Optimization. I help alleviate the stress of job searching with job readiness strategies, empowering job seekers to take the next step. I help professionals position themselves before the next big opportunity, show them how to grow their network and build professional credibility.

Stan: What advice would you give small business owners right now?

Mary: As small business owners, we are always marketing our products and brand- whether we realize it or not. All networking efforts should be seen as a part of our overall marketing plans. Get out there, talk to people in your community and build relationships- in doing so, you will also build your brand. Stay consistent in your marketing and your efforts will pay off.

To see more information about Mary and her service please visit:

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Avoid a $16,000 Fine - CAN-SPAM ACT 2014

By: Stan Washington

Email is a great way to reach large audiences. Unfortunately there are those who have ruined this great medium by being too noisy or in some cases malicious. Be Smart.

 No SPAM No we don't mean you have to give up your tasty treat! 

How to Quickly Lose Your Audience
SPAM means the recipient has received too many irrelevant emails from someone who they do not have a relationship with.  It is easy for someone to report your email message as spam simply by looking at the subject. They may never open it and then your message is flagged for spam. Too may of these flags will result in a potential fine.

Fish bowls for cards, trade-show lists and business meeting lists are gold for the marketer yet even if you have words right in front of the consumers face, you can still get your email flagged.

Please review your email policies today. According to the 2014 CAN-Spam Act, you can get fined up to $16,000 per instance if you are not handling email properly.

How to avoid being a Spammer

     Please Email Market Safely!
  • Check your email lists for valid email addresses
  • Build a relationship instead of going for quantity.
  • Have a clear unsubscribe process
  • Honor All Unsubscribes immediately
  • Don't use purchased lists
  • Have a professional email. If it looks bad then people will mark it as spam faster.
  • Stop being so pushy in your email subject. Promises you can't keep are the reason for this act in the first place.

We at Honor Services take email very seriously.  If you have an account with us then you agree to not be involved with spamming otherwise we will remove the account and in some instances report the spammer.

To download a copy of the CAN SPAM ACT click on a link below. A PDF will automatically be downloaded to your computer.

About our founder:
Stan Washington - Founder / President of Honor Services Inc., Board Member International Coach Federation, Board Member National Resume Writers Association, Board Member Academic Cultural Technological and Scientific Olympics. Ex McDonald's executive who led Restaurant Technology for 14,000 US Locations.

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