Monday, October 27, 2014

FEATURED - Nickquolette Barrett (Chief Resume Writer & Interview Coach)

By: Stan Washington

Tiny Interview - Nickquollette Barrett, Chief Resume Writer / Interview  Coach
 Is your client information safe?
Stan: Nickquollette please tell me about yourself and your services.

Nickquollette: I specialize in people salesmanship wherein I create personal marketing plans taking people from job applicant status to a rockin' career candidate. I craft resumes, cover letters, professional bios, and prep. candidates for interviews. 

In addition, I coach in all areas of career development and career enhancement. My ideal client include all levels of career seekers. I always say, a well-written resume and cover letter gets you the interview and a well-prepared interview gets you the job!

Stan: What advice would you give business owners?

Nickquollette: Brand your company to match the personality, product and processes of your business. Our Brand is I Rock Resumes and we make our clients feel like rock stars. Every process we have is geared toward elevating our clients to the level of confidence they need to land the job. We also looked at the “Rock” as a foundation for a very strong resume.

Branding is something you have to live with so choose wisely. Do your research to see if the name is available. Keep in consideration how you want to treat your customers and you will do well.

Nickquollette can be reached at: l 
(469) 666-0753

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