Saturday, October 11, 2014

Avoid a $16,000 Fine - CAN-SPAM ACT 2014

By: Stan Washington

Email is a great way to reach large audiences. Unfortunately there are those who have ruined this great medium by being too noisy or in some cases malicious. Be Smart.

 No SPAM No we don't mean you have to give up your tasty treat! 

How to Quickly Lose Your Audience
SPAM means the recipient has received too many irrelevant emails from someone who they do not have a relationship with.  It is easy for someone to report your email message as spam simply by looking at the subject. They may never open it and then your message is flagged for spam. Too may of these flags will result in a potential fine.

Fish bowls for cards, trade-show lists and business meeting lists are gold for the marketer yet even if you have words right in front of the consumers face, you can still get your email flagged.

Please review your email policies today. According to the 2014 CAN-Spam Act, you can get fined up to $16,000 per instance if you are not handling email properly.

How to avoid being a Spammer

     Please Email Market Safely!
  • Check your email lists for valid email addresses
  • Build a relationship instead of going for quantity.
  • Have a clear unsubscribe process
  • Honor All Unsubscribes immediately
  • Don't use purchased lists
  • Have a professional email. If it looks bad then people will mark it as spam faster.
  • Stop being so pushy in your email subject. Promises you can't keep are the reason for this act in the first place.

We at Honor Services take email very seriously.  If you have an account with us then you agree to not be involved with spamming otherwise we will remove the account and in some instances report the spammer.

To download a copy of the CAN SPAM ACT click on a link below. A PDF will automatically be downloaded to your computer.

About our founder:
Stan Washington - Founder / President of Honor Services Inc., Board Member International Coach Federation, Board Member National Resume Writers Association, Board Member Academic Cultural Technological and Scientific Olympics. Ex McDonald's executive who led Restaurant Technology for 14,000 US Locations.

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