Monday, October 20, 2014

FEATURED - Juan Marcos (Author - HR Consultant / Leadership Coach)

By: Stan Washington

Tiny Interview - Juan Marcos, Author 

Stan: Juan please tell me about yourself and your new book.
 Is your client information safe?
Juan: We assist on Human Resources Policies and Practices, We also provide "effective leadership coaching." I'm the author of Warriors at the Helm: A Leader's Guide to Success in Business that outlines my perspectives on the traits that make leaders effective. The book is available at, and

Stan: What advice would you give business owners?

Juan: Regardless of your business people are the engine and the catalyst to success. Hiring right, acculturating effectively and treating and rewarding people the right way is essential for any enterprise to prosper and grow. You can have the best products and business model in the world but without committed people to your business and to execute your strategies most will die on the vine.

Juan can be reached at:

JCMarcos Consulting (email:   Phone: 303-915-0572)

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