Monday, January 5, 2015

FEATURED - Doug Thorpe (Founder and Managing Partner)

By: Stan Washington
Date: January 05, 2015

Tiny Interview - Doug ThorpeFounder and Managing Partner at Headway Exec, LLC.
 Is your client information safe?
Stan: Doug please tell me about yourself and your services.

Doug: The Headway Executive Coaching Group is dedicated to C-Suite, senior executives, high potential managers/leaders, and first-time owners or managers. Our team is a national group of seasoned leaders and management experts with proven records of success in all sectors. We focus on leadership development and team building. Our programs have been used by over 1,000 leaders nationwide.

Stan: What advice would you give business owners?

Doug:  Identify the three key elements that make your business unique, qualified, and necessary for your customers/clients

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