Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why Better Note Taking Builds Your Business

When we asked what is the most important thing a business owner should be doing right now in our featured series earlier this year, we got a great answer... BUILD RELATIONSHIPS!

 Build Relationships, Build Business!You are in the business to grow your sales. Your customers want to me recognized with that special touch.  Prospects love when you remember them and when you customize your product or service to meet their needs.

Here are a few words of advice:

Dream Big Act Small
Yes we would all like to start a company that instantly takes off and makes billions within 24 hours, but until you get there, treat every customer as a precious commodity. Actually you should figure to a way to make your customers feel special all the time.

Make them feel special and they will enjoy your service and refer you.

Write a Note and Act on it!
There is nothing better than a company with outstanding followup. Followup within 24 hours and be excited about each and every prospect. Write notes within Honor Services Office and set a reminder to contact this prospect.

Remain Organized
Every business has snafu's but you want to keep these to a minimum. When your prospect is asking for specific information, keep copious notes to fulfill their need.

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