Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Small Business Deserves Big Dollars!

By: Stan Washington
Date: April 15, 2015

Like excited eagles, small business owners start out soaring but soon become cynical slugs if they don't have the correct foundation.

 Small Business Deserves BIG Dollars!Understand who you are. Your brand is extremely important. People will get to know you and your product or service. If they are not satisfied, make adjustments to help your customer.

Listen to your audience. People are screaming about what they need all the time. Listen to them and get excited about them instead of being the selfish business owner who only spouts quotes about their stuff.

Use Technology. Social media is social media. Technology for business means gathering metrics to understand how well your business is doing so you can make adjustments. Just because you have a lot of "likes" or "followers" doesn't mean you are doing the right thing to address their need. 

Use a simple CRM like Honor Services Office or a more complex one like Salesforce to keep track of your customers needs. Leverage a tool that can send bills in emails. Market to your customer base with email marketing on a semi-regular basis that is not noisy. Learn marketing techniques that work and apply them. Identify sales techniques that enable you to help people instead of being pushy! Come join us and find out how to put your business on track!

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