Monday, April 20, 2015

2015 Business Pitch Contest Winner

By: Stan Washington
Date: April 20,2015

Keep 'em happy with your great service!My day began at five something in the morning as I loaded up a van with goodies for the event. Not knowing what to expect, I was extremely excited! When the crowd arrived I was even more elated because I was now in "my crowd!" I asked the crowd "Are you ready?" and they all yelled "YES!"

We started with ten contestants, but many more jumped in as they did not want to be shown up! This was a business pitch competition and the contestants only had 30 seconds to wow the crowd. We heard business pitches about dress making to bath products, to preserving historical music to technology.

When the smoke cleared one winner emerged, Scott Stewart of Project Tech Teens filled every last second with eloquence. He was able to excite us about his service while letting us know how to get in contact with him. He explained the benefits and we were excited. All of this in 30 seconds? Absolutely!

He took home the grand prize of a trip to the Cincinnati Jazz Festival, Mike Epps concert tickets and a Marketing Plan from Honor Services Office!  He was elated! Tickets were compliments of Chicago's R & B 106.3.

Shelby Moore was there along with Victoria Cook and Dan Duster.

Our winners for small business awards for 2015 are:

Rod Thomas of Cajun Fryer and Grill

Rod supplied the tasty morsels we had during the event!

Dr. Porter was there helping people understand how to have healthy hair through science.

What does hair have to do with this event? She is part of our community and we bring a community of people together to help.

For those who are interested in writing a book, L Marie was there. She was / is the editor of our book series and is available to those who NEED to write a book to put in words their expertise. She is tough but passionate!

Evie Burke served with me on the board of ICF. I am proud to see where she is going!

Great event full of great people. Remember to take GOD with your business!