Thursday, May 8, 2014

May Business Growth Events

Daring Communication
Get unstuck, be brave and bold with your clients. Communicate effectively during coaching sessions. Practice courage and vulnerability to say what is underneath the conversation.

Sandy Mitsch, MCC, CPCC

Moving Your Business to the Cloud
How to safely move your business processes to the cloud and increase your business
Join May 13th for this FREE webinar
Email: to save a space 

Stan Washington, President

Resume Writing Academy Begins
Whether you are seasoned or just starting, Career Thought Leaders has what it takes to add powerful techniques to your skills.
Join them May 16th for this great learning experience!

Wendy Enelow / Louise Kursmark, Founders

Inventors Town Hall Meeting
Ideas, Innovation, Inventions is what the Chicago Inventors Organization is all about.
Join them May 24th for a wonderful time of sharing!

Calvin Flowers, Founder

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