Thursday, May 1, 2014

Honor Services Recognizes Young Entrepreneurs

By: Stan Washington
Date: May 1, 2014

Do you have a business idea? Well you better hurry up and get it implemented because I see a group of very bright individuals who are headed in the right direction. I was recently asked to be an "evaluator" of presentations at the Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA). Not knowing what to expect, I said "sure."

When I arrived, I was greeted by smiling teens who have aspirations of attending some very prestigious universities. As I sat in the classroom, I was literally blown away! The students spent the entire day presenting to us and they tackled topics like homelessness, food deserts, poverty and equity in women employment.

They pitched websites and other entrepreneurial ventures that could not only make money for themselves but resolve some heavy social issues and increase the wealth of the recipient group. Here is what I noticed:

  • They were energetic
  • Nothing could stop them
  • Innovation was paramount
  • They were sponges to trying something new

I then returned back to my office and wondered if I still had these qualities.  I mean, do I think I can still tackle the world or has the world beaten me up and robbed me of my sponge?! Their energy renewed me and made me realize, I'd better get moving, otherwise I will be left in the dust by the next wave of brilliance.

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