Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Internet Explorer - It's safe to go back into the water!

By: Stan Washington
Date: May 13, 2014

In April the Department of Homeland Security issued a statement that Internet Explorer had vulnerabilities.  This scared the already nervous population of internet users and they began flooding away from IE in droves. I am a long time Microsoft user so this news made me do a little research.

The real issue was the support of the Windows XP operating system, said a  Microsoft spokesperson. People need to upgrade in order to remain secure. Here is that news item:


If you wish to go back to Internet Explorer do this first:

Check for updates.  This security patch was not pushed because a large portion of IE users were not affected.  Check for updates and apply any pertaining to the operating system and Internet Explorer.  If you don't see updates, you were probably fine.

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