Monday, November 24, 2014

Young Women Entrepreneurs Growing with a "Purpose"

By: Stan Washington

Date: November 24, 2014

Helping people is a great business. Tammy Tibbetts is bold enough to help young women around the world, go to school.  For most people, the decade between 18 and 28 is transformative. Often, it’s in those angst-ridden, exciting years that you begin to find your voice as an individual and carve out your professional career. For young entrepreneurs, one of those things can’t happen without the other.
That’s how it was for Tammy Tibbetts, the 28-year-old founder and CEO of She’s The First, a nonprofit that helps girls in developing countries become the first in their families to complete secondary school. A decade ago, Tibbetts was voted “Most Shy” in her high school class. To be where she is now, at the helm of an organization that has helped nearly 400 women find their voice, she first had to find her voice. read more...

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