Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Global Career Brainstorming Day - CTL and RWA

 Global Career Brainstorming Day - CTL- RWA

By: Stan Washington
 Honor Services Office Welcomes CTL Followers

How does Brain Day work?
Groups of career professionals meet for 4 hours to talk, explore, learn, collaborate, discover, and share. Each group is led by an experienced facilitator working with a discussion outline we’ve created to guide the conversation. Yet, you should never feel restrained by the outline! One of the most fascinating aspects of Brain Day is that each group is dynamic and conversations flow in every direction and around every topic imaginable. That’s a great deal of what makes this event so very special!
There’s also a scribe (note taker) at each event to record the highlights of the day. Using a note-taking tool that we’ve developed, scribes capture all of the insights, ideas, new perspectives, resources, and more that everyone shares. The role of scribe is very important because our final publication of findings is only as strong as the information we capture from each event. That white paper is distributed to:
  • Brain Day facilitators, scribes & participants
  • Thousands of career professionals worldwide (10K+)
  • Colleges & universities in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia & Australia
  • Military installations, government agencies & workforce development centers
  • Broadcast, online & print media
  • Social media outlets & PR channels
  • Job seekers

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