Monday, September 22, 2014

iPhone 6 Versus Android (Which do you like?)

By: Stan Washington
Date: 09/22/14

Here is an article I found written by Vera H-C Chan Senior Editor, Special Projects

Personally I own an Android simply because I am a techie. I notice most of the techies I know have
them as well. It did take some getting used to but when I did I enjoyed the interface. Here are my thoughts:

Do not think every app will be available. I had a Windows Phone (Yes I admit it) and I wanted to find a phone that would handle my contacts well. I jumped on the Android and I found my synch to Outlook was horribly broken. I had to purchase third party software in order to get my contacts.

WiFi versus Data Plan. I have a grandfathered "Unlimited" plan that I guard with my life. There are times in which my high speed has gone down and my phone was a savior. With a couple of screen touches, I was back up and running using my phone as a hot spot.  When I looked at the data analysis, I had used a significant amount of data.  Set notifications on you phone if you are trying to be frugal with your data plans. 
Look for WiFi but proceed with caution. Public networks can be set up as something that looks very official but it is really a hub to grab your password and credit card information.

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