Monday, February 24, 2014

Small Business of the Year 2014 - Win $1000 by drawing pictures

Why did we choose to have a Small Business of the Year contest?
We wanted to develop a contest that would actually benefit your business. By entering this contest, it brings fresh eyes to your business and you can couple telling people about the contest with any special offerings you may have.

What is a *Web Presence Page?
Your clients and potential clients need to be able to find you on the internet and the more places you appear the more likely they will choose your business. Career Coach Office offers a Web Presence Page that tells people about you, your products and services.

What is a Banner?
If a picture speaks a thousand words, a beautiful banner speaks volumes about your business! A banner on your Web Presence page should invoke confidence or a good feeling about your business. Some keep it simple and some are more complex. Make sure it’s 960 x 220!

After I enter the contest what should I do?
When you enter the contest, most of the work has been done for you!
A.    Log into your account
B.     Upload the banner to your Web Presence Page
C.     Modify and send the Small Business of the Year Email Marketing Campaign that has been supplied for you to your friends, family and those who will vote for you! They can vote more than once!

How will I be judged?
The entrant with the most votes AND the most “Learn More” clicks wins.  The Small Business of the Year Marketing Campaign has been supplied for you and will keep track of your click thru’s. Be careful to explain to them not to use the “Like” button  but click on “Learn More” and click on “I love your business” on your Web Presence page.

What is a vote?
A vote is a tally of two scores, a click on “Learn More” from the Small Business of the Year Email Marketing Campaign supplied for you AND a click on a button located on your Web Presence page.

What are the prizes?

The contestant with the most votes wins $1000. Second prize is a new IPad Air (valued at $499). Both winners will also have their name and business posted in any media publication we choose to reveal our winner in.  Their businesses will be prominently displayed on our website for the world to see!

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