Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Forecast - Warm and Sunny for Small Business!

By: Stan Washington
Date 01/03/2014

Happy New Year and this time I mean it.  My forecast will be sunny skies remaining all year and possibly into 2015. Small businesses experiences a serious comeback over the past 12 months. According to Dun and Bradstreet CEO Jeffery Stibel, small businesses are getting healthier.

Small businesses were able to obtain more loans because the health of their business is getting better. Banks made nearly $18 Billion in loans last year by the end of 3rd quarter.  This is up from the prior year and is showing signs of health spreading in all sectors.

Small businesses hired more people last year than the prior two years. 2013 got off to a bleak start but ended stronger with 102,000 new jobs being created in November mostly in the small business sector.

Innovation poured out of many large companies and small in 2013.  I believe this boom in innovation will come from small businesses throughout 2014. Here is the list of the most innovative companies in 2013
Here is the article that summarizes innovation in many ways.

Overall I believe you will have a great year if you focus your efforts on growth.

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