Friday, June 5, 2015

Leaving Corporate to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

By: Stan Washington
Date: June 05, 2015

“This is going to be the best company” was the thought I had placed in my mind when I entered my last corporate position.  When I approached the company with that attitude, it actually was a great experience. I rose through the ranks and assumed a great deal of responsibility. Each move I made had new challenges, new problems, new people to meet and relate to.

When I transitioned to become an entrepreneur I was in for pleasant yet sometimes rude awakening.  Know yourself! Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind.

1. Years of training can pay off
 What are you waiting for?As a corporate leader of a Fortune 100 company, I had some of the best training available to me. When transitioning to your own business, leverage this great expertise you have acquired. Whether through training or on the job learning, your experience is valuable.

2. They don’t have to listen to you
I used to speak in front of very large crowds about the new thing we were rolling out and people had to listen. Your customers have many choices and they do not “have” to listen to you. Be humble and leverage the negotiating training and skills you have acquired.

3. You may have to delegate to yourself
If you had a staff of people you used to delegate to do things, you may have to change your mindset. When starting up, you may have to do many things others would do for you. Be balanced though. Find the right resources that can help you get things done well and pick up the slack only where needed.

4. It’s a marathon not a sprint
I ran a marathon recently and learned a ton of parallels. Don’t start off too fast or you will exhaust yourself. Running the long race takes practice and preparedness similar to business. Even when I hurt my ankle I had to finish the race and being in business I’ve had to shake off the temptation to give up. Celebrate every mile, sometimes every step, forward progress is key.

5. You are blessed and in a new stage
Make and mold this new stage in life rather than reminiscing the good old days of your rise. Just because I received high academic honors in third grade doesn’t make me want to go back through school. Leverage the great experiences and achievements as fuel to your new life as an entrepreneur. Treat people with respect and know you are blessed and watched over.

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