Sunday, February 22, 2015

Things You Should Know About Writing a Book - Our Journey (Part 3)

By: Stan Washington
Date: February 22, 2015

Did you ever have that feeling that you forgot to do something very important when you left the house? Was the oven left on? Did you forget to close the garage? Well, that nagging feeling is how we felt as we continued writing our books. We had left the house and were well on our journey, yet something bothered us. Then is hit us... We were writing a book to self-publish and had not done the research into publishers.

Sit down this is going to be a long one.

Looking into self-publishers can be another daunting task, especially when you rely on the internet.  Here is our research:

Self Publishing Resources
Book Size & Print Color

Our price $12.97
6" x 9" / B&W / White pages

$43 for shipping
URL for Book Quantity Costs & Royalty Calculator:
Cover Specs:
$2.60 / book

Because we have our own cover we have to use the Ruby or above package. Couldn't find the cost for authors to purchase additional copies.

6" x 9" / B&W / White pages

Holly used Lulu and said it was ok and they were charging her $8 a book.
$5.25 / book
Lightning Source
6" x 9" / B&W / White pages

$46.38 for shipping and $1.50 handling fee. Holly switched to Lightning from Lulu and was paying $4 a book. Also recommended by Kelly Epperson.
$3.32 / book
48 Hour Books
6" x 9" / B&W / White pages

$6.08 / book
Greyden Press
5.5" x 8.5" | B&W | Color Cover | Paperback

$8.00 / book
United Graphics

We chose because it was easy to use, had a ton of instructions and their pricing / royalty structure was great. They have a royalty calculator and resources for creating your own cover.  For eBooks we chose Amazon Kindle. Their process was step by step and intuitive. If you have a book in your head, consider self-publishing on CreateSpace.

Here are a few things to know: We chose our own ISBN company, we did not chose KDP select and we skipped the protection. We did all of this to maximize flexibility. 

Image result for smashwords logoWe also chose to make sure we could reach the iPad and Barnes & Noble groups. We had to create an account on each of the platforms. You should be ready to publish when you create your accounts. WARNING!!!'s eBook structure is different than that of Kindle so watch their tutorial. (This will take a while but it will save you time!)

More to come in part 4!

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Blessings to you!

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