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Helping church leads women to Christmas business - Washington Times

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By : Stan Washington
Date December 20, 2014

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- Associated Press - Sunday, November 30, 2014
 Did you knot there is a Plan to Prosper you even in business
IVA, S.C. (AP) - The small shop where Barbara Campbell and Jean Fleming work smells of warm air and dust, but these two women have spent countless hours in their little shop in Fleming’s backyard.
“Time just slips away out here,” Fleming said. “We have spent hours and hours out here. Sometimes, my husband comes out here with my dinner.”
There is a large, slab roller in one corner. Wooden shelves line a couple of the walls. A small table sits in front of the shop’s one window, and a small, round wooden table in the middle of the shop takes up most of the room.
This is where these two women create the white porcelain, trimmed in gold, ornaments that tell the story that is most important to them: the story of Christ and salvation.
It is something that this veteran teacher and factory-floor worker never thought that they would be doing.
For 27 years, Campbell was a substitute teacher for Anderson School District 3. She helped with study hall and worked in the library at Starr-Iva Middle School and taught the 4-year-olds and the children in kindergarten at Iva Elementary School. Fleming worked for 37 years in the spinning room at Mohawk Carpets in Lowndesville.
The need for new ornaments on their church’s Christmas tree has led them into this completely unexpected mission.

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