Thursday, April 3, 2014

Home Business Spotlight - Vol 1

Home businesses are on the rise!  Many people have hung up their corporate shingle to do similar work but have become their own boss. They have years of experience and have been trained by the best. They are talent that's hard to find.

Why are they leaving corporate and working from home?  They want to work flexible hours and most of all work from their home, thus reducing the commute. This trend is growing.  

Currently more than 16 million people work from home in the United States, a figure that is expected to continue growing in 2014. Social collaboration tools and communication apps present an opportunity to conduct business from home, generating predictions that suggest the number of people working from home in the U.S. will increase by 64% in the next four years.

Before you get started here are a few tips
1. Clean the house - This is now the place you work.  Remove clutter and you will remove distractions.
2. Turn off the television - You are now working from home and TV can be a distraction to your productivity.  
3. Go to work - Your commute is short but make it a ritual where you have office hours and a place that is designated as your workspace in your home. 
4. Get virtual - Join networks of real people and speak with them virtually.  This will give you a sense of belonging.

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