Thursday, November 7, 2013

Beware: Phone Scammers Impersonating IRS according to NBC Today

By: Stan Washington
Date November 07, 2013

The IRS has alerted taxpayers that the bad guys are pretending to be the IRS and are using a phone system to display the correct IRS phone number, according to NBC Today.

Avoid Phone Scammers by screening your calls
Pick up or not to pick up, that is the question. Do you have a sophisticated phone routing system? If not then you may need to screen your calls.  I have noticed an uptick in robot calls and scammers in recent months.

Take Down a Number and Verify
According the the IRS, the scammers can become belligerent and threaten to send the call recipient to jail. Remain calm, take down their number and contact the IRS or the agency they are impersonating.

How Broad is this?
There has been a report of a scam in every state. It takes a while to catch criminals like this so be on guard and be prepared. 

Here is the link to the IRS:
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